Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Provisional License in Uk

Before you can learn to drive a car, moped or motorcycle you must apply for a provisional driving licence. If you already hold a valid full driving licence and want to learn to drive larger vehicles, minibuses or buses you will need to apply for provisional entitlement for these vehicles.

Apply in person or by post

You can apply for your provisional driving licence by completing the D1 application form that is available from the DVLA form ordering service or Post Office® branches. You will also need to enclose original documentation confirming your identity, 
A passport style colour photograph 
Fee of £50.00. 
Bring along Msia Passport
Prove of Address-Any bills with your address(standby)
Send your completed application and payment to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AD or you may be able to use the premium checking service.

You can go directly to DVLA, in this case Oxford and submit by hand.
Jimat duit pos dan yang pasti dokumen anda selamat diuruskan oleh DVLA.

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